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Matt Felis of 
Jostens Yearbooks

2451 Cumberland Parkway • Suite 3804

Atlanta, GA 30339

Matt phone: 404-915-9110

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Mike Lewis–Carrollton High School–Click here to e-mail Mike

"Working with Matt has been absolutely phenomenal. Always on top of the situation, there when you need him, quick with a solution or an answer, he has helped us turn our book into an on-budget showpiece."

Cindy Humphlett at Creekview High School–Click here to e-mail Cindy.

“I would trust no other Representative or Company with our Yearbook.  Matt and Brian simply make my job easier.”

Sally Cavanaugh–Lee Middle School

"I started as a yearbook adviser in 2009 during my ninth month of pregnancy. With the upcoming stress of being out on maternity leave and not knowing how to create a yearbook, Matt Felis, my Jostens representative guided me through the entire process and kept in constant touch to make sure everything was going well. After a successful and smooth first year working with Matt, I knew that we would remain with Jostens for upcoming books. Matt has always helped me with ideas on raising sales of our school's book, cutting costs, fixing problems, designing creative layouts, (and talking me off the ledge.) He is also very patient, easy-going and very knowledgeable on the process of making a great book! He has made my job as the yearbook adviser an enjoyable and successful experience."

Lori Thompson–Willis Road Elementary–Click here to e-mail Lori

"Matt is the best in supporting teachers and students in building beautiful yearbooks! During the past three years, Matt has gone above and beyond the call of duty. He is available on the weekends and after school hours to help ensure our book is exceptional each year! I would highly recommend Matt in helping achieve all of your school's yearbook needs!"

Deb Salter–Ola High School–Click here to e-mail Deb

"Matt Felis is a dream to work with. He is supportive, creative, and has helped us through every crisis known to Yearbooking. I seriously don't know what we'd do without him."

Ross Iddings Principal–Ola High School

“As a Principal, I have enjoyed Matt working with the yearbook adviser in my school for the past 14 years in three different schools.  Matt is very personable but is realistic when working with the local adviser regarding important decisions to make regarding our Yearbook.  He offers great guidance on the size of the book, the features within the book, and how many should be produced.  With Matt’s guidance, the yearbooks at my schools have never gone over budget leaving us in a hole from which we needed to dig out.  He knows that I rely on him to make sure we are making those right decisions and has NEVER let me down.”